Functional Safety for Automotive

Functional safety is the absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by failures or unintended behaviors of electrical and electronic systems. Memory and architecture vendors are working with automotive manufacturers to achieve ISO 26262 and ASIL-D compliances, integrating components while reducing complexity and cost.

ASIL-Rated Systems

1. Airbag (ASIL-D)
2. Instrument cluster (ASIL-B)
3. Engine management (ASIL-C to D)
4. Headlights (ASIL-B)


5. Radar cruise control (ASIL-C)
6. Electric power steering (ASIL-D)
7. Vision ADAS (ASIL-B)
8. Active suspension (ASIL-B to C)


9. Antilock braking (ASIL-D)
10. Brake lights (ASIL-B)
11. Rear view camera (ASIL-B)


Design and Deploy Products that Comply

With the evolution of advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS) functionality and fully autonomous vehicles, there must be a focus on solutions that achieve the requisite ASIL safety level and certify significant attention / focus on avoiding systematic faults. The ecosystem of OEMs, Tier 1s, and component developers is adopting the ISO 26262 standard across the complex automotive supply chain.

Micron Delivers ISO 26262 Safety Solutions

Achieve full compliance to a given ASIL level by including the ISO 26262 requirements of your product’s lifecycle. Select Micron safety-optimized products include innovative features to help you achieve aggressive FIT targets / ASIL levels.

Safety analysis report

This report summarizes results of Micron’s product failure modes, effects, and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) procedure on our products. It’s an addendum to the Safety Application Note.


Safety application note

To facilitate integration of a Quality Management product this includes product use cases, top-level safety requirements, failure modes, safe states and constraints, assumptions of use, etc.


Hardware evaluation report

Micron evaluates the product as a Class III hardware element and supports the customer with an alternative means to demonstrate compliance with ISO 26262-5. Download an excerpt of the hardware evaluation report. The full report is available by request under NDA.